About Us

3HD Inmigration Services

3HD Immigration Services, LLC is a corporation that focuses on immigration, tax and business law.

We represent the legal needs of individuals and corporations, putting our extensive experience to work for you.

We work closely with immigrants, their families, and employees to facilitate the complexity of the U.S. immigration system. Whether you seek temporary or permanent residence for you and your family members; or need help in sponsoring an employee or family member, at 3HD Immigration Services, we have the experience and knowledge to help you from start to finish.

Our employees have national and international experience and are bilingual Spanish-English, to serve you with the clarity and confidence you deserve.

At 3HD Immigration Services we focus on helping you, so we have financing plans adjusted to your budget, without the need to have a credit history you can be able to obtain up to 6 months of credit for your legal process

Our Process

  • We help you achieve your immigration goals, facilitating the payment of your legal fees.

  • We grant personal credits for immigration services without a credit check.

  • If your credit history is limited, or does not exist, we want to help you with fixed and accessible payments at your fingertips.

  • We approve the credits in 48 hours and we offer you up to 6 months to pay (conditions apply).

  • We only require a credit or debit card, and a responsible guarantor with a debit or credit card.

Quick Approval

We approve requests within 48 hours.


We offer financing to the immigrant with little or no credit history in the United States.

Interest Rate

We offer a fixed interest rate of 18% so you can schedule your payments and plan your expenses.

Extensive Periods of time

We grant periods of up to 6 months to pay, so that you can develop within the United States and at the same time obtain your legal immigration status.


Our experience working with 3HDIS law firm was excellent. Customer service and swift work on closing the sale of our business.
Alfredo Finol
I highly recommend 3HDIS for your probate needs. They were very easy to talk to and answered every question I had.
Carmen Tremont
Very helpful attorney who provided guidance and answered my questions regarding my late mother's
Carlos Jeffrey
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